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Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Moving can be a complicated and difficult procedure. If you are planning a move, one of the biggest problems you will face is keeping your items safe. This particularly includes items that might be fragile – items that are likely break during a move need special handling. Close attention can help make sure that all such items arrive at their destination in good condition and ready for use. It’s best to allow enough time to prepare and most importantly, have the right packaging supplies on hand before any movers arrive.

Quality Supplies

Having the right kind of packaging supplies on hand is crucial. All fragile items need special care and each item is different. A clock that’s been in the family for generations day needs different attention than your jewellery collection or your first editions. Additionally, certain items are larger than others, or smaller. Think about what you’re going to move and the materials you’re bringing with you. Porcelain, metal, wood, glass and precious stones all require careful thought to transport them without damage.

Avoiding Movement During Transport

Even with quality packaging supplies, unsafe transportation could cause a problem. Abrupt movement during transport from one place to the next can cause damage in an instant. The best way to protect your fragile items is by protecting them against such movements in the first place. Check to make sure all your items are secured properly in the moving truck. Ensure cords are holding your items securely in the moving truck. Make sure they are held tightly against the walls of the van. This will protect them in the event of any unexpected rough conditions on the road or sharp turns.

The Right Boxes

Specialty packaging supplies for fragile items should be part of your plans for moving supplies. Boxes are available that have specific features to keep your favourite frail items in place no matter where you are. Avoid overloading any boxes you are using. Heavy boxes are more difficult to carry instead of many small boxes. Using multiple small boxes to place your china is an ideal way to keep your items around. This will help any movers you hire lift the boxes you’re using to transport those items. They can bring them down a flight of stairs or carry them in the elevator to your new apartment without a sweat.

Adequate Cushioning

Cushioning is another crucial aspect of keeping your items in great shape when you are in the process of moving. Take clothing you’re not using in the future. Use it to line your packaging supplies for your most fragile items. Other filling is also easy to find. Newspapers are soft and provide lots of filling that can fit into any corner of the box. Bed linens are a good choice for larger items like your favourite china serving dish that need lots of cushioning without adding bulk. Pillows also be placed to form flexible fill in any box. You can find all of your packaging supplies here at Able Packaging.