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Polyester Strapping 19mm x 1mm Green PET Embossed


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Product Description

Polyester Strapping 19mm x 1mm Green PET Embossed

polyester strapping’s unique qualities make it one of the best strapping materials to use for securing any type
of palletized or unitized load. Stronger than other plastic strapping materials, its excellent elongation and recovery
characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking. Replacing steel strapping and all the occupational health regulations.

Ideal for timber strapping. We sell the strapping hand tools and pallet strapping equipment.

19mm x 1mm Green PET Embossed  800 meter roll  710KG  LBS

composite strap timber strapping

Additional Information

Weight 19300 g
Dimensions 56 x 56 x 16 cm