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Mailing Boxes Adelaide cardboard

Mailing Boxes Adelaide cardboard

We manufacture Cardboard mailing boxes on our die cutting machine in Mt Barker. Small quantity runs are our specialty. A short run of 100 in a small mailer eg 220 long x 160 wide  x 70 mm high may cost around $3 per carton and you have your packaging to pack your product in.

Mailing boxes Adelaide Cardboard

Cartons and boxes made to order

Mailer boxes for posting or ebay products. If you are starting business we can manufacture your individual mailing carton from cardboard for your own product. Even if in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane we can ship them to you.

Mailing tubes  are being replaced by mailing triangles as they don’t turn on the conveyor belts at the courier depot. We can custom make a mailer tube. Just give us the size of the tri tube stock and we can manufacture for you.